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I was bored in a lecture staring at the screen hoping Dr Allen would finish his droning on. I played with my flats dangling them of one foot then the other not really thinking about the lecture.

As I copied down a few words I returned to zoning out thinking of going into town to buy some stuff afterwards. I uncrossed my legs to rearrange my skirt which was underneath me uncomfortably and then my dangling flat dropped off my bare foot and down onto the next Level of chairs in the lecture theatre.

There wasn’t anyone sitting there but I couldn’t reach it. I sat forwards outstretching my foot wiggling my small toes trying to pinch the flat and get it back. But it was just out of reach.

I looked around and saw a guy staring at me but then it seemed like it wasn’t me directly.

Was he looking at my foot!

I moved it back up out of his sight and he turned away almost immediately.

I just didn’t like that sort of thing it seemed a bit creepy.

After the lecture finished I packed my paper and books away hastily and ran down to the other row to collect my flat, pushing my pale foot into it. I left the lecture theatre now painfully aware of my toe cleavage exposed in my loose flats.

It took me by surprise that guys like him might have been looking at my feet like that because I played with my shoes a lot in class. I didn’t know why it just annoyed me a lot.

I saw three of my friends who I had missed as they left the lecture theatre. I ran after them grabbing Hannah round the shoulders.

“we are going to the cafe” she said “you coming.”

I told her that I had stuff to do but I could come for a bit. A bit later after we decided what to have all four of us round a table with hot drinks. I was thinking about other things zoning out like I sometimes did after long lectures and when other people talked around me.

A few conversation changes later and I put in my views on the guy looking at my foot as I lost my shoe earlier. Hannah and Ellie laughed.

Jess said ” yeah that’s creepy.”

“does it really matter” Ellie mused “it’s almost kinda cute, except you don’t know the guy then it’s a bit less so.”

“yes but it’s still a bit weird” I replied. “I don’t like that sort of thing.”

“you like what you like but your being a bit mean Karen” said Hannah “and besides I might have been my boyfriend he likes that sort of thing.” she laughed.

I shrugged and awkwardly left the conversation only to declare I had work to do and I left quickly slightly annoyed.

I got back to my apartment and Alex my boyfriend wasn’t home so I made tea and set about doing an assignment I got in the lecture. Sitting down with my laptop and a cup of tea at the table.

I slowly dwindled away time typing away reading random articles and so on. I rubbed my eyes looking at the screen and flicked my shoe back onto my foot with my toes. I sighed “maybe I should try to stop doing it” i said to myself as I slipped off my flats and rubbed my soles together as I continued my work. I wasn’t sure why the feet thing got me so badly but Alex had expressed a slight interest in my feet before. My thoughts got interrupted by

the sound of my phone, unlocking it I looked to see a text from Alex inviting me to meet him in the park.

I looked at the time. Smiling to myself it wasnt too late in the day and it was still sunny. I told him I’d be in the usual place because we spent a lot of time in the park.

I slipped my flats on yet again and grabbing my keys I locked the door to go meet my boyfriend. I walked briskly in the direction of the park enjoying the sun.

I arrived at the local park and walked a little way up the hill through a few trees and around a more densely overgrown area l and got to the two tall trees where me and had Alex spent a lot of time. I looked for Alex but he wasn’t here yet.

I sat down my back against the tree looking around me, waiting for Alex.

As I looked around at the long line of bushes down the hill into the undergrowth and saw a shiny flicker. I was bored so I jumped up to have a look at what caught my eye.

Carefully treading through spiky plants I Saw nothing too obviously shiny.

There it was again a slight glimmer in the corner of my eye. I snapped to face the glimmer around to a large hole in the hill, like that of a fox but bigger. I bent down and to my surprise I could see quite far into it. Acting on impulse I crawled in as it started to get bigger and bigger to my amazement. It opened into a cave until I was able to stand up.

Transfixed with wonder I stepped forwards. I saw the shiny thing on the floor at the end of the cave. I picked it up slowly feeling cold hard stone and looked upon it, a blinding bright light emitted from it.

I squinted to see a strange floating figure in front of me.

It spoke. Details »

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A few years ago I went to a man who was married and his wife were friends (now ashamed of it, but then I was young and stupid) so one day I was to visit with them and it was time to go, he said, it will go down with me to the bottom right to go to store .Of course we didn’t go there but instead we went to the bottom and climbed onto the roof of the block (which was on the 20th floor and there doing crazy sex was really nice to see the city while having sex.
Otherwise, there are many places that are public rather I would say, but not strange – for example on the beach, done it on the hood and doors and trunk wherever you can imagine behind our block and I want to say that it was dark and I was on the hood of the car (in the worst case, neighbors are watching from the terraces porn live) in several entrances also happened to me on the bench in the city park and also once a window sill, but because I was leaning against the window netting and it was rotten .. you know what happened, you better not try and there are probably some other place but I can not remember now, but one from my favorite to my husband sat on the toilet, even I would say that it is the leader in my book My biggest fantasy is to go to e shoe right before it closes and ask the assistant to help me with the shoes! He will touch my feet gently and after a few pairs he’ll suggest to go to the stock room and I will follow he and you know what will happen next :) 

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